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File Master
Jan 16, 2013
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FileZilla Server v1.5.0-rc1 Released-(2022-07-12)
Bugfixes and minor changes:
-Admin UI: Fixed a crash in listener editor..
-Admin UI (macOS): Implemented workarounds for some wxWidgets glitches and malfunctions..
-Admin UI: The system_user's name cannot be edited anymore (rightly so)..
-Configuration data that cannot be serialized now prevents an incomplete output file from being written to disk..
-Sudden deaths of the impersonator process no longer cause unintended behavior
-Fixed server crashes due to unexpected socket events in some corner cases
-MSW: Due to a toolchain issue, programs making use of thread-local variables would crash on exit. Implemented a workaround, until it gets addressed by future MinGW toolchains..
-The number of possible worker threads has been reduced to a maximum of 256..
-FTP Server: The NLST command now reports paths compliant with RFC 1123..
-When using the command line parameter --config-version-check ignore, the expected version is now written to the settings files if a mismatch is detected..
-nix: Logo icons are no longer embedded in the executables, they are instead installed to the proper system paths..
-nix: Added a filezilla-server-gui.desktop file, so that the Admin UI can easily be opened by desktop environments..
-Maximum number of log file rotations has been reduced to a more sensible amount and the rotation algorithm has been changed to be more efficient..
Download FileZilla Server v1.5.0-rc1

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