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Blade Streaming


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Dec 27, 2012
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Blade Stream is very powerful software that runs on any Windows PC which will allow a BM7000s to connect direcly to that PC and stream movies, or download firmware or channel data files directly.

The software does not need any install.

1. Simply unzip Blade Stream folder to desktop (or your chosen location) and run BLADE Stream.exe

2. Windows Firewall will ask you to allow access - say YES.

3. Next, on Blade Stream, click '...' button to browse to your media and channel file (.CDF) folder and click OK. Blade Stream will now minimise to the taskbar and is now ready to stream.

4. On your Blade Receiver, press PLAY (or F1) on the remote and press YELLOW to ADD OR SELECT SOURCE. Press Blue button to ADD or CONNECT. Here you type the local IP address of the PC that you just put the Blade Stream software on, for example etc.

Once you enter this and press OK you will see the directory list of your media folder. Now you can play any movie from your PC just by selecting it, or load any firmware or channel files in the list.

For streaming across the internet to a friend's receiver, do the following: When entering the new source (as above where you entered you will put the external IP or URL of your friend's PC, eg. or myfriend.dynalis.com etc.

Your friend must also forward port 2008 in his router to his PC that is running Blade Stream.

Now you can watch media files from your friend's PC across the internet. Note: You will both need fast stable internet for this function, if it is not fast and stable it may make problems with the stability of your receiver. The serving PC can only stream one movie at a time. If a new selection is made it wil stop the first one and start the new one.


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Feb 2, 2013
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Thank's For The Great Tool
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