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  1. Thor2013

    CX-AIO Exchange Oscam cs378x mode2 ( cx-aio ) 24/7

    CX-AIO Exchange Oscam cs378x mode2 ( CS-AIO ) Only oscam CacheEx, no Multics please !!! All caids Looking for stable -long time partnership peers. Send your active reader pls by PM
  2. Thor2013

    Exchange oscam

    I am looking for an exchange c-line oscam with special characters for the indefinite period. (I am not interested in oscam with lines from multics or csp, those with many Nok will be deleted!). If you are interested, please send me the active reader. Thank you!
  3. Thor2013

    R84 Exchange only with multics e0 versions

    Exchange cache peer, c-line.Mgcamdand profiles. Please don't insist if you don't have multics e0 versions! Thank you !
  4. Thor2013

    cs378x Exchange C-lines and cache_ex

    Exchange C-lines and cache_ex only from oscam (with special characters). I answer active lines. Thank you !
  5. Thor2013

    R82 Exchange multics (reborn)

    I want to exchange only with multics : CACHE PEER, C-LINE,MGCAMD CACHE HITS = 0 % will be deleted !!! the lines put in oscam or csp will also be deleted! I only want to exchange multics and that's it! To change, please access the link below: Click here for automatic exchange please!
  6. Thor2013

    Exchange iptv

    Exchange iptv
  7. Thor2013

    R107 Exchange multics r107

    C-line Mgcamd CACHE PEER
  8. Thor2013

    R84 Exchange lines C and mg

    Exchange lines C and mg. I answer active lines. who wants, I can also change the cache_ex. Please specify which emulator version you use for your line. Thanks !
  9. Thor2013

    CX-AIO Exchange oscam

    Due to the fact that I was away, I apologize to all those who I couldn't answer in time... If you want to change the C line or cache_ex cs378x only with oscam (no multics or other nonsense please) be afraid your private line and I will reply as soon as I see the message. Thanks !
  10. Thor2013

    CX-AIO Exchange oscam 11711

    Hi friends . I am looking for new exchanges for oscam r11711. I want to exchange the cccam protocol for lines and cache_ex as well as cs378x also for cache_ex. I respond to active lines. Thanks !
  11. Thor2013

    Exchange C-line in oscam

    Exchange cccam protocol line in oscam. Reshare = reshare No reshare = no reshare I would like to inform those who want exchanges that the lines will be checked. Multics lines are not accepted. For those interested, I mention that the server is a private one used only for exchanges. Oscam...
  12. Thor2013

    R100-rc Exchange multics r100rc59

    Peer Cache with Peer Cache C-line with C-line all profiles with all profiles (only those with at least 40 profiles) Mgcamd with Mgcamd cache_ex protocol (cccam , camd35, cs378x) They only respond to active private exchanges. Thanks !
  13. Thor2013

    R84 Exchange

    Exchange multics lines with any version: Cache peer to Cache peer C-line to C-line All profiles to all profiles Mgcamd to Mgcamd Cs378x cache_ex to Cs378x cache_ex Camd35 cache_ex to Camd35 cache_ex
  14. Thor2013

    R84 Exchange

    C-line, mgcamd ,cache_ex cs378x mode =2
  15. Thor2013

    R100-rc multics r100rc54

    Değişim: C-line, Mgcamd, cs378x cache_ex, camd35 cache_ex ve son fakat en az olmayan önbellek eşi. Teşekkürler ! Exchange: C-line, Mgcamd, cs378x cache_ex, camd35 cache_ex e por último mas não menos importante cache peer. Obrigado ! Exchange: C-line, Mgcamd, cs378x cache_ex, camd35 cache_ex and...
  16. Thor2013

    R100-rc EXCHANGE Multics r100- rc51

    First of all, I want to thank you for viewing my message and bringing it to your attention as an exchange the following: CACHE PEER , C-Line , MGCamd . For those who wish, I am waiting for messages in private with active lines! Thank you for your time ! Nice sharing!
  17. Thor2013

    R84 multics r84 brutus z2 exchange

    Exchange only this version : CACHE PEER to CACHE PEER C-line to C-line
  18. Thor2013

    Exchange cache_ex

    exchange cache_ex all caid: cccam cache_ex cs378x cache_ex camd35 cache_ex
  19. Thor2013

    Exchnage multics r82 Hd v32

    Hi friends ! We have reopened the exchange (cache, N-line or mgcamd ) only with the r82 HB multics version. Thanks !
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